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Restructuring Bond Repair Intensive Leave-In Treatment

What’s the difference between this and other leave-ins?

This is a leave-in and treatment masque all in one. It strengthens and protects damaged strands by reducing breakage*. The formula containing Caviar Bond Enforcing technology, hair repair polymers, amino acids, biomimetic lipids and other ingredients strengthens hair by smoothing cracks and fissures to decrease friction, reducing breakage by up to 5 washes**. This is also not an overnight treatment. You apply it after you shower and immediately use heat to dry the hair.

How do I use the Caviar Restructuring Bond Repair Intensive Leave-In Treatment Masque?

Shampoo, SKIP conditioner. APPLY through towel-dried hair from mid-lengths to ends, one pump at a time. DO NOT RINSE OUT. BLOW DRY OR DIFFUSE into hair. To smooth ends and flyaways, apply onto dry hair.

What types of bonds are typically reformed with bonding products?

Hydrogen & salt bonds. Hydrogen bonds form between water molecules and the protein chains in your hair. They’re responsible for your hair’s elasticity and temporary shape—that’s why your hair can change shape when wet or during heat styling. Salt bonds, also known as salt linkages or ionic bonds form when positive and negative ions attract each other. They’re also not as strong as disulfide bonds, but they still contribute to your hair’s structure and stability.

Can I use as a treatment?

It replaces a treatment masque and leave-in conditioner all in 1. Results last over several washes.

Why should I not use a conditioner? What are results if I condition?

As a leave-in treatment, you want to use it right after shampooing to allow for optimal penetration to the hair. Using a conditioner will close the cuticle and not allow for optimal benefits.

What happens if I use a conditioner, and then use this after? Will I get even more benefits?

We recommend not using a conditioner. When you shampoo your hair it becomes negatively charged, and when you condition hair, the positive charge of the conditioner attracts to the hair. This product also has a positive charge, so if you use a conditioner in the shower, you diminish the optimal attraction that allows this product to work. You will still see benefits, but optimal benefits come when you skip the conditioner.

How often should I use this?

Depends on how damaged your hair is. For severely damaged hair, we suggest using once a week. If you need a mid-week wash, the Restructuring Bond Repair Masque is a great masque to use in between.

Do I use this forever? When do I transition to other products?

If you’re someone who is consistently lightening your hair, you will want to consistently use this product. If you have stopped lightening your hair, and are not creating new physical or environmental damage, once the hair feels repaired, you can transition to the Restructuring Bond Repair Conditioner.

Who is it for?

Anyone with chemical, physical, or environmental damage. For more information on damage, check out our blog.

How much product do I need for long thick hair?

Start with 2-3 pumps and add more if needed. It’s a concentrated formula so a little goes a long way.

Can I use this on fine hair?

Yes, start with 1 pump.

What happens if I use this on virgin hair?

It may make hair feel coated. Virgin hair is relatively healthy and can be better cared for with our Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture collection.

Can I layer other products? If so, which ones?

Yes, feel free to layer with any of our Alterna stylers for your hair needs. First, apply the leave-in treatment masque, then follow with any desired stylers.

Will it impact results of other stylers? Leave-ins?

It will only enhance the benefits of other stylers. We recommend first using it by itself and after it’s applied, if hair still isn’t detangling or smooth, feel free to add additional leave-ins. But this product will replace your masque, leave-in, and provide heat protection up to 450°F/232°C all in one.

Should I apply this on wet, damp, or dry hair?

Both. Since it’s a leave-in, apply it on damp-towel-dried hair to allow for optimal penetration on the hair. For dry hair, a small pea-size amount can also be applied to the ends of dry hair to refresh curls, tame fly-aways or to refresh 2nd/3rd-day hairstyles.

Can I use it if I air dry my hair?

Yes, however for best results and glass-like shine, we recommend using heat to blow-dry or diffuse hair.

Can I use it on my hair and then go to bed with wet hair to create an overnight treatment?

We never recommend going to bed with hair wet as it makes the hair more elastic and prone to damage while you sleep.

Can one over proteinase their hair using bonding products?

Yes, some formulas on the market with animal-based proteins can cause hair to become over proteinase, however, with our formula, this is not possible. Our formula is proven to prevent breakage and strengthen hair through multiple washes.

What happens if I use too much product?

One way to tell if you’ve used too much is your hair will take longer than usual to blow-dry and could feel heavy and coated. With this product, less is more. Start with 1 to 2 pumps and add up to 1 to 2 more pumps if needed.

My hair feels like it won’t dry after using this product, why?

You might have over-indulged your hair, this can happen if you use more than the recommended 1-2 pumps. Hair that has been oversaturated in this product tends to feel like it takes longer to dry than normal and can even feel coated. This product should not leave any residue or add dry time, so if you’ve overused it – we recommend washing your hair and re-apply with less product.

What if I only wash my hair one time a week? Should I only use this product?

Yes, you can use this as your one-time-a-week treatment masque. However, if you feel like your hair is repaired from the last time you used this, you can use your regular conditioner every other week and then use the Restructuring Bond Repair Intensive Leave-In Treatment Masque every other time.

When should I use my other Restructuring Bond Repair products while still using Restructuring Bond Repair Intensive Leave-In Treatment Masque?

If you’d like to use any of the other Restructuring Bond Repair leave-ins, you would apply them or any other leave-ins after you first apply the Bond Repair Leave-In Treatment Masque. The conditioner or masque can be used on alternate wash days.

How many treatments can I get out of 1 bottle?

You get up to 24-28 treatments per bottle. Start with 1-2 pumps and add more as needed

What are the benefits of the Caviar Restructuring Bond Repair Intensive Leave-In Treatment Masque?

It provides glass-like shine, strengthens hair by reducing breakage by up to 3x, helps smooth cracks and fissures in the cuticle layer, and helps seal the hair cuticle, adds slip to curly, wavy and coily hair.

*Combing breakage vs. a non-conditioning shampoo
**Against combing breakage on untreated virgin healthy hair

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