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Introducing Caviar Moisture Intensive Ceramide Shots — a potent ceramide concentrate in single-dose biodegradable capsules for a luxurious on-the-go hair treatment.
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What Are Ceramide Shots?

A hair serum concentrate in a single-dose biodegradable capsule that hydrates and strengthens hair.

Ceramide Shots are for use in hair only. Do not ingest or consume in any way.

5 Benefits in 1 Capsule

  • Provides moisture/hydration to the hair​
  • Boosts hair strength, condition, and health of the hair
  • Repairs damage​
  • Controls and reduces frizz​
  • Adds shine to the hair​

Control and reduce hair frizz.

Repair damage and boost your hair strength.

Hydrate your hair on the go.

Improve hair smoothness and manageability.

Smoothness improves by 58% just after 6 treatments when used together with Moisture Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum.

Add shine and thermal protection of up to 450 ºF.

How to Use Caviar Moisture Ceramide Shots

One jar of Caviar Moisture Intensive Ceramide Shots contains 25 individually packaged capsules. You can use them independently or as a holistic hair treatment.
For use in hair only. Not for consumption.

How to Use by Itself

Twist the capsule open and dispense serum onto fingertips. Apply to damp or dry hair from mid-length to ends. Style as usual.

How to use as a hair treatment

To transform your conditioner or masque into a treatment, mix serum into product and apply on damp hair for 3-5 minutes. Rinse.

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Alterna’s commitment to clean beauty, rejecting the use of parabens, sulfates and other harsh chemicals, has been one of the guiding principles right from the brand’s foundation in 1997.

Following this ethos, Alterna’s Caviar Moisture Intensive Ceramide Shots are sold in a reusable glass jar and packaged in plant-based biodegradable capsules, leaving no waste.



  • Prepared from the cocoon of the silkworm moth, hydrolyzed silk is reputable for conditioning and improving the overall feel of the hair
  • Known for conditioning hair to enhance smoothness
  • Commonly used to reduce frizz
  • Known for increasing shine & improving overall feel


  • Ceramide NP is reputable for reinforcing the natural lipidic barrier in dried and aged skin
  • Reputable for improving hydration in the long run
  • Known for protecting hair against external influences (UV rays, comb, mechanical proper ties)
  • Commonly used to repair and protect damaged hair
  • Consists of Nonpolar group (long chain of sphingoid base) & Polar amino

You can dispose of the used capsules in two ways:

Place the capsules in your compost bin.

Dissolve the capsules in boiling water (takes a few minutes). Wait for it to cool and use it to water your plants.