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Our Sustainable Approach

Our Botanical Caviar is manufactured with Eco-Sound® technology, this eco-extraction is economical, has a low impact on the environment and a low CO2 emission while allowing to obtain extracts of high quality, and rich in actives.

A Win-Win Partnership

To guarantee more transparency and traceability our manufacturer of the raw ingredient has chosen to work directly with a farm in Bohol, Philippines on a win-win partnership. The partnership’s main objective is to federate its partner around ethical, social and environmental commitments applied through a continuous improvement and responsible approach that fosters the local development of the Bohol Island.

To prove their sustainable engagements, our manufacturer and its partner have both signed the code of conduct of Relations and Responsible Purchasing of Crodarom which is based on 6 key points:

Collaboration based on fair practices

• Direct contact with the producer
• Redaction of a 5-year contract
• High quality algae
• Revalorisation of the algae price in comparison with the food industry (+60%)
• 100% of the order paid before the harvest to efficiently conduct their business

Human rights respect

• Prohibit child and forced labour
• Fair prices
• No descrimination
• Transparency and freedom of exchange

Healthy and safe work environment

• Easier algae farming
• Improved work conditions for the harvesters
• Manual harvesting
• Improved packaging

    Preservation of the environment and biodiversity

    • Raising the employees’ awareness
    • Harvesting of reasonable quantities only
    • Preferred family fishing instead of industrial fishing
    • Respect and rehabilitation of protected mangroves

      Meet the needs of our customers

      • Quality and safety requirements
      • Employees trained in best hygiene practices
      • Sharing of our practices
      • Full knowledge of the chain value

        Acting for local communities

        • Support to a poor rural zone of the Island
        • Project under study to support our partner and the local population
        • Sale diversification and increase
        • Opening to the European market

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        Love being inspired?

        Follow us for fresh looks and new ideas updated daily.

        Alterna on Instagram