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Transformational haircare for moisturized and shiny hair.

A commitment to alternative beauty has been at the heart of the Alterna story since we debuted in 1997. Our family of mindfully formulated products are designed to deliver performance without compromise—clean beauty that provides an exceptionally luxurious experience at home and proven results in the salon.

Hydrating Formulas

Our Replenishing Moisture formulas improve the vibrancy and manageability of your hair even after one use. Every product is inspired by the boundless beauty, power and elements of the ocean, enriching your strands with shine and hydration.

Alternative Beauty

Experience youthful-looking hair with a luxe trifecta of Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo, Conditioner and CC Cream, featuring our signature Age-Control Complex and containing only natural eco-certified ingredients as well as a potent blend of marine actives.

People love Replenishing Moisture

Love it!

I have been using this replenishing moisture cream in my hair for about 2 weeks and I love it. The smell is amazing. My hair feels better than it ever has. I had just colored my hair and it hasn't faded at all even after a few days on the beach.



I have never heard of this brand prior to using but I must say this shampoo and conditioner have literally brought my hair back to life. I recently had my hair bleached and left it brittle but now it’s so soft and smooth and manageable! Highly highly recommend!!

Ana S

Absolutely love this pair as it helps restore my hair to its previously healthy state. I noticed my hair getting a bit more brittle after a balayage (as expected) so I decided to buy this pair to see if it could help bring that life back to my hair and it did not fail me one bit. This shampoo and conditioner is gentle my scalp and helps to add the much needed moisture back into my hair. Highly recommend this for damaged hair!


Healthy Hair

The Caviar Anti-Aging Conditioner is amazing. It takes broken, dry hair and makes it silky and healthy. The really nice part is a little bit goes a long way so this bottle will last a long time. I like the texture of the product-it isn't watery or liquidy, it is a firm conditioner. I would recommend this product to anyone with dry, brittle hair, it will make your hair look healthy and beautiful



The Benefits of Moisture


Softness Meets Hydration

Explore a premium line of haircare products to improve manageability, shine and texture of locks that are prone to be brittle and dry.