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2 Prep

After cleansing hair with the Clinical Densifying Shampoo, apply our luxurious Clinical Densifying Foam Conditionerthroughout hair, as it provides lightweight moisture and hydration for fuller-looking hair.

Step 1

3 Step1

Place one hand on the back of the head at the occipital bone and the other hand on the forehead. Gently hold while you and the client both take a deep breath in and a slow exhale out.

Step 2

4 Step2

Begin the massaging just above the space between the eyebrows. Using your pointer and middle fingers, massage with small, circular movements.

Step 3

5 Step3

Next, move your pointer and middle fingers to the points near the arch of each eyebrow. Massage these points, moving in a circular motion.

Step 4

6 Step4

Imagine small squares mapped throughout the scalp. On opposite sides of each square, use your thumbs to push the scalp tissue together lifting it gently from the scalp. Repeat motion on all sides of each square and cover the entire scalp.

Step 5

7 Step5

Next, massage the area located just behind apex. Massage the point with the middle and pointer fingers, moving in circular motions.

Step 6

8 Step6

Continue to the point at the top of the crown of the head, just in front of the point in step 5. Again, using your middle and pointer fingers, gently massage this point in a circular motion. After a few circles, you can expand the movement to incorporate all the fingertips, massaging the entire crown area in circular motions.

Step 7

9 Step7

Next, stabilize the head with one hand and massage the scalp with the four fingers of the other hand using a vigorous friction motion to cover the entire scalp.

Step 8

10 Step8

Next, move to the back of the head to the occipital bone, about 2 hand widths up from the base of your neck. Use the flat pads of the thumbs to gently massage this point.

Step 9

11 Step9

For the last step, finish the scalp massage by stimulating the points just behind the ears, where the neck meets the skull. Use circular motions with your pointer fingers.


12 Styling

Once completed, rinse the Foam Conditioner out of the client’s hair, follow with the Clinical Densifying Scalp Treatment, then Styling Mousse and style as desired. Alterna offers haircare with clean*, skin-care-inspired formulas. If your clients are looking for clinically-tested formulas that are gentle to the scalp and a regimen that feels more revitalizing than routine, look no further than the CAVAIR Anti-Aging Clinical Densifying Collection. *


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