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Alterna Caviar Dive Into Moisture Color Hold Trio


step 1

Uplifting Massage Step 1

Press your hands on either side of client’s scalp. Ask them to take 2 deep breaths; as they exhale, slowly press your hands together with a gentle compression stroke. This technique helps your client focus by bringing their awareness into the body.

Step 2

Uplifting Massage Step 2

Using four fingers of each hand, quickly glide back and forth, like fast scratching to massage the scalp. Massage each area for about 5 seconds until you cover the entire scalp. This technique helps to stimulate surface circulation.

Step 3

Uplifting Massage Step 3b

Massage the scalp using a pinching technique with the thumbs. Start along the hairline at the midline with your thumbs facing each other about a centimeter apart. Press thumbs together lifting the scalp tissue. Continue the technique at a moderate pace along the midline until you reach the back of the head. Repeat the technique with 4 more lines (2 on each side of the midline) to cover the entire scalp. This technique relaxes muscle tissue and stimulates surface circulation.

Step 4

Uplifting Massage Step 4

Using fingertips of both hands, finger comb scalp with back and forth motions. When massaging near midline of scalp, allow fingers to interlock briefly to make motions smooth. Repeat technique covering the entire scalp. This technique is invigorating and stimulates the subtle energy of the scalp.

Step 5

Uplifting Massage Step 5

Gently tap the scalp using light tapping like piano fingers. Repeat over entire scalp. This technique stimulates multiple pressure points to uplift the subtle energy of the scalp.

Step 6

Uplifting Massage Step 6

Using a paddle brush, gently brush in circular motions to massage the scalp. Lift the brush so the bristles lift from the to avoid pulling the hair. This stimulates the nerve endings to uplift the senses.

Step 7

Uplifting Massage Step 7a Uplifting Massage Step 7a Uplifting Massage Step 7a Uplifting Massage Step 7a

Massage these pressure points along the occipital ridge with circular friction motions, then rinse.

GV 16:

Governing Vessel 16, the center of the occipital ridge located along the midline at the occipital ridge posterior to the external occipital protuberance. This is the main energy channel that runs up along the midline of the spine.

B 10:

Bladder Meridian 10, one finger’s width lateral on either side of the occipital ridge.

GB 20:

Gall Bladder 20, the corner nape areas that are to one finger’s width lateral of B10 on either side of the occipital ridge.

Rinse treatment. Style as desired.


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