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How To Prevent Hair Loss At Any Age

Aug 12, 2020

Most people mistakenly believe that hair loss only affects older men. In fact, while more than 80% of men will experience visible hair loss in their lifetime, the thinning hair problem can disturb both men and women at any age.

Even the notion of losing a little bit of hair is scary to everyone. We’ve come to associate our beauty and youth with a full head of thick hair that shows no signs of receding.

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Luckily, a lot is in our hands if we take hair loss prevention seriously, understand the reasons for hair loss and identify those cues early enough. In the spirit of August as the National Hair Loss Awareness Month, we present a few proven hair loss causes and hair loss remedies for everyone to keep in mind!

Most Common Reasons For Hair Loss

The first thing to understand about hair loss — it’s almost never immediate but rather a part of the hair growth process spreading throughout your lifetime. That’s why noticing your hair thinning and applying a proper hair loss treatment is so crucial — it often allows us to slow down the onset of the process significantly.

What are some common reasons for hair loss? For women, it could be brought by imbalanced nutrition, medication or certain medical conditions.

When it comes to nutrition, diets that severely restrict the intake of vitamins and minerals (especially iron) can affect hair growth patterns. Diversifying what you eat, however, could be a simple hair loss cure and may quickly return things back to normal.

Medication that has to do with hormonal changes (e.g. birth control pills) could also lead to sudden hair loss. You should consult with your physician to find an appropriate substitute or other ways to go off the medication altogether.

While medical conditions such as thyroid disease and lupus are quite rare, they are more common among women and could have severe hair loss side effects.

In men, genetic hair loss aided by stress and high DHT hormone levels is believed to be the main culprit of pattern baldness, which primarily affects the front and top of the scalp.

Alterna Haircare - Stress leads to hair loss. How you can prevent it

DHT, which is linked to the amount of testosterone in your body, contributes to body hair growth at an early age but is also directly linked to inhibiting hair growth on your scalp later in life.

What’s important to remember for both men and women is that while hair loss is largely hereditary, it’s entirely possible to minimize its effects by avoiding mixing stress and hair loss together.

So what should be a go-to hair loss treatment for women as well as men?

Effective hair loss treatment for men and women

You should definitely pay more attention to hair loss prevention once you start noticing that you leave more hair on your pillow or on your brush, or in the shower.

Alterna Haircare - How you can prevent hair loss at any age

Men might see their hairline receding or hair becoming thin at the crown of the head. Women could observe a wider gap around their part or more of the scalp showing when the hair is pulled back.

In worse cases, bald patches, as well as skin flakiness and dryness, are a few reasons to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

But if you just started noticing that your hair is not as thick as before, there are a few ways to slow down the thinning process considerably.

Start by switching to the best shampoo for hair loss you can find, such as Alterna’s Caviar Anti-Aging Clinical Densifying Shampoo, which helps clean any growth-inhibiting impurities away from your follicles and provides extra texture to thinning hair.

When styling, consider using Alterna’s Caviar Anti-Aging Densifying Clinical Styling Mousse instead of a regular spray to prevent breakage by strengthening and thickening your hair without making it heavy.

Finally, it’s important to regularly infuse your hair with nutrients. So adding Alterna’s Caviar Anti-Aging Densifying Clinical Leave-In Root Treatment to your daily regimen will help you protect your hair against excessive build-ups and boost hair fullness and volume.

Alterna Haircare - How to prevent hair loss at any age

Incorporating these products in your routine could help you significantly slow down genetic hair loss while you consult with your doctor to find a suitable medication. Another important thing to remember is that emotional stress can easily accelerate other hair loss causes, so take a few steps to do anything necessary to relax. Try to include a short meditative practice in the morning or take a long hot bath before bed accompanied by candlelight and soothing music — after all, some “me time” can only do you good.


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